Transportation Without Infrastructure

Revolutionizing Cargo Mobility

Freedom Lift Innovations

Transportation Without Infrastructure

Revolutionizing Cargo Mobility

Logistics Solutions for Emergencies, Disasters, and More

Freedom Lift Innovations
Freedom Lift Innovations

Problem – Unreliability

  • Just-in-Time is evolving to Just-in-Sequence (only hours of manufacturing components on hand)
  • B-to-B commerce breaks down when supply chains are disrupted
  • Fragile transportation networks (i.e., traffic, island chains, mountainous regions)

Affordable Utility

  • No compromise vehicle, purpose-built for air cargo
  • Autonomous waypoint-to-waypoint transport of freight
  • Lowest cost option for mid-mile delivery
  • Reduced congestion on surface roads
  • Accelerated speed of business
Freedom Lift Innovations
Freedom Lift Innovations

Problem – Infrastructure

  • Natural and man-made disasters disrupt infrastructure (bridges, roads, airports, and rail)
  • Truck deliveries are affected by available routes, speed limits, and weather conditions
  • Communities are isolated, cut off from essential resources (power grid, medical care, clean water)
  • Infrastructure is time-consuming and expensive to replace

Affordable Utility

  • Remote power generation for hospitals, refugee camps, and businesses
  • Up to 300 kW continuous available
  • Ground zero, the most desperately impacted area, can now receive rapid and critical attention with autonomous flight delivery
  • The uncertainty of infrastructure goes away (no runway, no electrical power, no problem)
Freedom Lift Innovations

Problem – Wildfires

  • Expensive specialized aircraft, with highly trained crews, lead to large platforms for economies of scale
  • Manned aircraft require high-risk avoidance leading to higher altitudes and fewer flights
  • Spikes in asset demand occur seasonally in everchanging locations

FLI Firefighting

  • Thermal imaging to identify hot spots
  • Unmanned terrain mapping and avoidance, allowing lower flights
  • Ground crew directly controls assets
  • Flight units can be easily transported to the site and quickly employed as needed
  • An automated flight path and schedule can be established, and night watch becomes more likely to catch flare-ups
Freedom Lift Innovations
Freedom Lift Innovations

Problem – Gridlock

  • Transportation networks are not keeping pace with the demand
  • Loss of productivity on the rise
  • Increasing pollution is stressing the environment
  • Urbanization – by 2040, there will be 110 megacities, with 7 billion people who will live in urban areas

FLI Electric Rotorcraft (Flier)

  • Introduces the 3rd dimension to a traditionally 2D problem (flight)
  • Electric, five-passenger, eVTOL air vehicle that flies above the congestion
  • Designed to be affordable, safe, quiet, and environmentally responsible
  • Leaving you time for the things you love the most
Freedom Lift Innovations
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Problem – Limited Time

  • Medical emergencies often occur in isolated locations
  • Air medical transport is limited due to high cost and qualified personnel
  • The “golden hour” is the most critical hour after an injury occurs that has the highest chance of saving a life

FLI Medevac

  • Autonomy means help is sent as soon as the communication is received; the vehicle maintains a perpetual state of readiness
  • Adverse weather, fog, smoke, and darkness have little impact on vehicle operations
  • The low cost and ease of operations enable the vehicle to be forward deployed and distributed to remote locations


Freedom Lift Innovations
Freedom Lift Innovations
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