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Independent Market Analysis

Deloitte Insights: Advanced Air Mobility

Can the United States afford to lose the race? Deloitte Insights discusses whether the United States should establish a comprehensive national AAM atrategy that enables it to be first to market.

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Porsche Consulting: The Future of Vertical Mobility

Vertical mobility offers mankind a serious shot at turning the dream of flying into a reality for everyone, and inspection, goods, and passenger services have the potential to become a global market worth $74 billion by 2035.

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Roland Berger: Center for Smart Mobility

Roland Berger updates their market analysis to show that the passenger Urban Air Mobility market is set to soar. By 2050, they estimate the passenger UAM industry to generate $90bn a year

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Netherlands Aerospace Center:

NLR is a leading international research centre for aerospace. Bolstered by its multidisciplinary expertise and unrivalled research facilities, NLR provides innovative and integral solutions for the complex challenges in the aerospace sector

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Booz Allen Hamilton:

Analysis focused on three potential UAM markets: Airport Shuttle, Air Taxi, and Air Ambulance using ten target urban areas to explore market size and barriers to a UAM market.

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Levitate Capital

The Future of the Drone Economy: A comprehensive analysis of the economic potential, market opportunities, and strategic considerations in the drone economy

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